Half + Half Triangles Wrap

The HALF + HALF TRIANGLES WRAP by Jake Canton for Purl Soho is easy, meditative knitting at its best. Cleverly constructed with short rows, this simple garter stitch shawl is created by working two inter-connected triangles to form a slightly elongated square (not quite a rectangle! :-). When the finished wrap is folded along the bias join, a beautifully squishy double layered triangle is formed. Choose which side will be front and center for the day depending on your mood and outfit!


Big (Bigger)

Version shown is the Bigger size.


Colour A: 2 (3) skeins of SUNDAY MORNING 4 PLY
Shown in ' Crossword'

Colour B: 2 (3) skeins of SUNDAY MORNING 4 PLY
Shown in ' Offline'


Pattern is available for free on the Purl Soho website HERE.